Morocan beaches

Morocco Beach Holidays & Tours

We have 3500 kilometers of diverse non-polluted coastline to offer for your sea and beach pleasures. Indeed this country is endowed with ideal assets that make it a choice destination for beach goers. You can choose from six seaside resort areas that offer more than the necessary modern amenities and services to host you and cater for your leisure activities in the best conditions possible.

It is our pleasure to offer you the most comfortable, relaxing yet exciting combinations.

With all this in hand, at Sahara Luxury Tours, in addition to a tastily designed wide choice of packages, we will be more than happy to custom design a sojourn or a round-trip to cater for your favorite leisure and sports activities. It is our pleasure to offer you the most comfortable, relaxing yet exciting combinations. If you prefer steep abrupt coastlines with deep water we will treat you to the best of what the south Mediterranean coast can offer. Should you prefer the long stretches of sand beaches, big waves and lagoons, or be a moderately or intensively active fan of wind and water sports; we will offer you the best of our Atlantic coastline.

The Mediterranean or the Atlantic coast

We welcome you to check out our choice of coastal golf courses. We invite you to enjoy our top notch variety of cures: plastic surgery in sophisticated medical clinics, thalassotherapy complexes, cosmetology centers, and beauty treatments. We invite you to experience one or a combination of many of our carefully designed range of water and wind sports. Whether you choose the Mediterranean or the Atlantic coast, we will be happy to see to it that you get the best of our experience and expertise and enjoy fishing, surfing, body-boarding, wind and kite-surfing, water-skiing, or snorkeling.

A fine selection of seaside resorts

In Morocco we are blessed to have more than 330 sunny days a year. We will be happy and ready to cater for you any time of the year that is convenient for you to be our guest and still fully enjoy suitable weather and beach related activities. What you can experience with us is simply the best. We have a fine selection of class hotels, boutique hotels, and guest houses where you can enjoy refined service, and tasty food.

Rich experience

To make your experience even richer we will offer you various combinations of beach-going with various activities, as well as a selection of comfortable and informative excursions and cultural explorations of the colorful diverse hinterland of your selected resort. A beach experience is an escape to rest and plainitude.

Memorable days

We have a mission at Sahara Luxury Tours: your satisfaction. We made this our partners’ and suppliers’ mission, too. For every member of our teams you come first. Let us turn your vacation into memorable experiences.

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