Sahara luxury tours

The tradition of luxury hospitality is not new to Morocco. In the 1920s, when luxury travels were accessible only to the rich and famous, the country was catering for sophisticated customers such as Barbara Hutton, Winston Churchill, Lady Mead, Zaza Gabor, and many others.

In Tangiers the famous Al Minzah Hotel sat on a hill overlooking the swarming Grand Socco, the bustling mazes of the Kasbah; and watched the meeting of the tides of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea while allowing its residents to keep an eye on Gibraltar and the Spanish coast only a dozen kilometers away.

In Fes, a viceroy’s manor turned into a hotel, the Jamai Palace treated the world elites to the view of the unique 9th century medina with its hundreds of green tiled roofs of buildings of which the largest is that of Al Qaraouyin mosque, the oldest university in the world.

In the middle of one of the largest date palm oases of North Africa, the mythical city of Marrakesh hid the legendary La Mamounia Hotel inside its ocre ramparts that guaranteed the coolness and intimacy to royalty, jet-setters, Hollywood icons; and Rock stars. What used to be the summer palace of Prince Al Mamoun is up to our day attracting the celebrities and fortunes from every continent. This hotel recently underwent a 176 M$ makeover.

For the past fifteen years luxury hotels have been flourishing in Morocco such as famous brand names that are to be located in different parts of the country: The Four Seasons, Hyatt, Sheraton, Sofitel, etc…

In addition to those and the exclusive boutique hotels (Delano) and guesthouses known as Riads, a category of super deluxe hotels have opened mostly in Marrakesh:

Amanjena is the first unit of Amanresorts in Africa. This is a 40 pavilions and private pool and butler villas hotel with custom tailored service and menus for different guests. The ground floor building is reflected in a replica of the historical La Menara reservoir and sits at a few footsteps from two of the best golf courses of the city.

The Royal Mansour pushed the limit further in luxury as it is built in the shape of an authentic royal palace with private Riads and top notch service and amenities, private concierge and anything that would satisfy the most demanding customer.

Selman Hotel, designed by French Jacques Garcia, has several Arabian thoroughbreds to please the eyes of the guests.

Palais Namaskar is reported to be a dream place by those who enjoyed its amenities, exquisite food, and unforgettable spa treatments.

The Taj Mahal does in reality much better than portrayed in the full feature Sex and the City.

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