Mountains of Morocco

Mountains of Morocco

One of the highest peaks of continent

We invite you to explore this hardly known yet so special side of Morocco. Indeed many travelers tend to miss the fact that mountains cover almost one third of this country’s territory and that about one fourth of the national population live higher than 1000 meters altitude. Geographically speaking, mountains in Morocco spread throughout the country from north to south.

The Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains stand like ramparts stretching along the Mediterranean coast. Their abrupt contact with the sea creates pleasant snorkeling, diving, and underwater fishing opportunities. Forests, springs, mountain villages invite for discovery and exploration. This range is the hinterland of the legendary city of Tangiers, and the most Andalusian of Moroccan historical cities, Tetouan. Chefchaouen, a small medieval fortress town, is nested in the higher valleys and is famous among hikers and bird watchers around the world.

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a cluster of three ranges. They consist of connecting but geologically different components known as Middle, High, and Anti Atlases. They are exposed to the influences of different weather and climate zones. This national treasure hosts such an astonishingly rich biological, geological and cultural diversity, and offers more than needed to satisfy various interests of worldwide travelers. The Middle Atlas is a subdued tabular mountain range. It is quite abundantly irrigated, and rather heavily forested by conifers and mainly oak. This is also where the world’s largest cedar forest is preserved. The rest of its 250 km length and 120km width is covered by an evergreen garrigue. The beautiful relaxing scenery here is dotted with small lakes and creeks full of trout. Forests swarm with wild boar, wild rabbits, partridges and pheasants. This is a paradise not only for hikers, hunters, but also for hot-spring cures and cross country skiing (December to February) lovers. We can treat you to the best of what is possible to experience and enjoy in the area. Our heart fell for the greatest and classiest accommodation in the area : the Hotel Michlifen Suites&Spa.

The High Atlas

The High Atlas is the biggest of all Moroccan ranges. It is equal in size to both the French and Italian Alps. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean eastwards to Algeria. Mount Toubkal-4167 meters – is the second highest peak in Africa and the most attractive to mountain climbers. At not even one hour south of Marrakech is Oukaimeden, the largest and highest ski resort in the continent. As you will be enjoying the magnificent scenery from your chair lift you will find it hard to believe that only 3 hours away on the other side is the Sahara desert. Indeed, you are in the sub-tropical part of Africa with its unexpected natural contrasts. Starting from this mythical city, and in addition to natural, cultural, and architectural explorations, we can organize thrilling activities for you in this awesome environment: canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, ULM flying. We have a unique list of accommodation choices ranging from Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot to charming mountain lodges, and exquisite guest houses. Our favorite is La Pause Agafay. The rugged Anti-Atlas offers lunar scenery sitting at the northern edge of the Moroccan Sahara desert. Its architectural heritage is stunning. From Taroudant the old caravan station to the high perched town of Tafraout we will to lead you through a marvelous discovery of the lush terraced Ammeln Valley and its antique villages and fortresses. Whether you come on your own, with your family, or friends we will take you away from the common paths. With us you will get the insider’s view of Morocco. You will get to know an authentic world. You will enjoy breath taking views at the pace you choose: on foot, by bicycle, in a 4×4 vehicle, or…on a mule.

Your experiences will be as diverse as the scenery

Our expertise is at your disposal to organize your trip and make it an unforgettable and unique experience that is the most suitable to your desires and your physical capacities and comfort. We can tame the Atlas to suit you! We make its ascension and exploration easy and comfortable for you. We will caringly usher you into adopting the “InCircle Attitude” ! We offer you a getaway amongst peaks, highland pasture stretches, canyons, terraced valleys; ancient dressed stone or adobe villages.

Unforgettable experience

If you are in for physical challenges we have demanding treks for you to reach some of the 12 summits that 4000 meters and higher. If you are nature lovers wanting to relax and spend peaceful moments in the heart of the Atlas Mountains we have selected the best and most suitable places for your intimacy, comfort and peace of body and mind. Should you want to interact with the Berbers and get to know their secular culture we would arrange for you to stay with a family in a village and share their way of life. Here friendliness, generosity, simplicity, and merriness are the resources… This is truly a genuine human experience that will leave colorful moving memories with intense emotions.

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