Privacy Policy

Sahara Luxury Tours reserves is committed towards customer satisfaction .We have therefore put in place measures to enable customers visiting out website fully participate .We will collect information from them in a way that does not infringe their rights and privacy. We have therefore designed this Privacy Policy to provide crucial information on how we collect and use personal information and the use of cookies.

You must therefore agree the terms in this Private Policy before using our website.

Personal Information

Your personal information will not be collected unless you have provided it to us. We will not use it for any other purpose other than the intended. We only ask you to provide necessary information that will enable you take part on activities on our website and improve our website.

Generally, we do not disclose your personal information a third party unless required by the law. We will only share your information to supplies and we will inform you when we intend to do so. You will have an opportunity to consent to such disclosure.

What Information do we collect and how we use it?

Sahara Luxury Tours reserves has outlined the information you may be required to submit and how it may be used.


Sahara Luxury Tours reserves strives to keep readers informed on our books, authors and events. We have therefore designed several newsletters meant to address various needs. We normally send newsletters on request .Those who would like to receive one are required to provide their email addresses. In addition, you may be asked to provide additional information about yourself e.g. your name and sex so that your newsletter is personalized.

Prize Promotions

Sahara Luxury Tours reserves organizes regular completions and prize draws. You may be required to provide essential information such as your name and email address in addition to an answer to entry .You information will only be used for administrative purposes and other purposes you consented prior to entry into a draw in question.


Those intending to shop from our online store are required to register an account with us. You will have to provide basic information such as your name, email address, your password, your password hint, your bank details, your delivery address and any other information deemed important. For this, our partners are treated as third parties and are meant to facilitate the delivery of the goods or services to you .By accepting to shop with us you consent to them to pass information to their financial providers in order to complete the delivery of goods or services in question.

You must agree to their terms and Conditions of Sale before doing any purchase. Our marketing team normally indicates the availability of the product before directing you to our partner(s) sites. However we cannot guarantee 100% availability.


Our website allows customers to leave comments. For you to post a comment you must sign up to our forum. In this case you will be required to provide your username and email address so that people will know who posted a comment and enable us track inappropriate and offensive behaviors.

In addition, if you comment on other articles other than ours or upload personal articles to our website, we will require you to provide your official email address and your name.

You may also give your comments and suggestions by using a contact form on our webpage or send us an email. We will respond within 24 hours to your query or suggestion.


Cookies(small files placed on your surfing device),are used to  help  our website function better  by analyzing how often the site gets visitors and the information customers search for .

Our website uses cookies to enhance functionality and collect some non-personal information .Non personal information refer to the type of computer and browser you are using. The use of these cookies do not, in any way, collect personal information .They are merely intended to enhance customer experience.

By accessing our website, we imply that you have read and agreed to the use of cookies in our privacy policy.

You can get more information on how to manage and change cookies by visiting the “Managing Cookies” section as outlined below.

Our website use these cookies to determine if you have logged in or not and if you have read agreed to our terms and conditions, hence allowing you to add comments.

Third Party Cookies

Some features used on this website may involve cookies which may be sent to your computer by a third party. For instance you may receive cookies for a video or audio placed on our website from the site where they are hosted. Similarly, sharing of content on our website via social networks such as Facebook and twitter, cooks from these websites may be sent to you. We have no control over these cookies. So check the setting of cookies from these websites on how to manage them.

How to manage cookies

Make sure you set your device to accept cookies to effectively use our website.

Moreover, if in case you prefer to block or restrict these cookies, you can do so by changing the setting of your browser.

Sharing your information

Your personal information may be shared to members of our group i.e. our subsidiary as defined in section 736 of the Company Act 1985.Your personal information may also be shared to our employees, offices, agents and subcontractors reasonably as outlined in this privacy policy.

In addition, we may disclose information about you under the following circumstances;

In accordance with the law of the land

When required by law in case of any legal proceeding,

When we are compelled to defend and exercise our legal rights such as fraud prevention or credit risk reduction

In the event that we intend to sell any of our assets, we may share your information to the potential purchaser for the purpose of good business.

In the event that our assets are acquired by another company or third party

Sahara Luxury Tours may also share your personal data to a third party with goods and services which may be of interest to you.

Your personal data will not be shared to advertisers’ .However; we will only share aggregated information regarding our customers and traffic to our website.

In addition, such aggregated information can be used to help advertisers to reach the target audience. We therefore use personal data we have collected from you and others on our advertisement.

Your rights

Sahara Luxury Tours holds that it’s your right to request us not to share or disclose your data or information to a third party. We always take the responsibility of informing you when collecting either your data or personal information. In case we intend to share your information to third party, you reserve the right to crosscheck some boxes in the form we normally use in collecting data. You can also contact as to notify us in case of anything at Please provide the following information whenever you are either writing or giving us a call-Your full name as it appears on your official documents (title, first name and surname), your full contact address i.e. postcode and your official l email address you used during registration.

Security of your information

Sahara Luxury Tours is committed towards securing your information from loss, misuse or alterations. Therefore, we will employ all reasonable technical and organizational precautions to secure your information.

Sahara Luxury Tours will not be responsible for the security of data sent via the internet.

It’s your responsibility to securely keep your password and username details. Otherwise, Sahara Luxury Tours will not take any responsibility

Sahara Luxury Tours has put in place reasonable level of security measures to protect your data from harm as a result of malicious practices .However; we will not accept liability in case of breach of security.

Sahara Luxury Tours further undertake that it is against our policy to hold your information in excess for which it was intended. We only collect relevant information.

Changes to these conditions

Sahara Luxury Tours reserves the right to alter, improve the terms  in our privacy policy .In this case, the date and the clause number  will be included as part of the conditions. The changes will be posted within 24 hours on our website and it’s your responsibility to make yourself aware of these changes. Changes posted will become effective in 24 hours and anyone who continues accessing our website thereafter will be deemed to have agreed and accepted the amendments.

How to contact us

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about our website or privacy policy. We can reached by writing to us at

Our hope is that our services are satisfactory for we are committed in protecting you and your privacy