The Moroccan desert

The Moroccan desert

Things to see & do in the Moroccan Sahara

When it comes to living a unique experience, Morocco is the place to be! This is a country where over a millennium of secular monarchy has concurred to building an exclusively royal tradition. A specific art of living has been acquired and enrichead by diverse cultural inputs throughout the ages from around the Mediterranean basin. Refinement, friendliness, and a true sense of hospitality have become a way of life that adds to quality of service, the urge to please and satisfy the customer.

This is a country where everyone is aiming for excellence

Smart travelers make no mistake. For over a hundred years artists, wealthy people, celebrities of different horizons, world leaders all sought this blessed land to enjoy delectable fairy experiences. The land of A Thousand and One Night sis a short flight from your home! Accommodation in Morocco is tuned to this high end level. Many hotels in this country have world class fame and standards. Several are icons of luxury and top notch service. Who does not know or did hear of La Mamounia in Marrakech, or La Gazelle d'Or in Taroudant? We make luxury and more intimacy yours by offering you exclusive catering and service in exquisite riads in the heart of the medina. This is the bustling heart of historical cities. Should you wish to enjoy the sound of silence and have limitless space only for yourself, we can build a luxury camp on the golden immaculate dunes of the Sahara desert. We invite you to check out our selection of deluxe experiences in Morocco.

The Moroccan Sahara

Once you are comfortably and safely driven through the mind blowing and ever changing scenery of the High Atlas Mountains you start discovering a wonderful world: the Moroccan desert. Towering the immense lush oases of Tafilalet and Draa are endless stretches of rugged geological and mineral formations of granite, sandstone, slick rock, manganese, copper; and silver. Dark plateaus soon fade in and enchantingly give way to limitless gold dunes of infinitely fine sand particles that the gentle winds keep caressing to create continuously changing patterns and designs. Whether at Merzouga or Mhamid all your senses will be teased by a smooth natural lullaby that elevates your feelings towards a transcending exploration of your inner self and your surroundings. We will make this an unforgettable experience for you. We are delighted by this magnificent desert and we invite you to experience it our way! It is our pleasure to take you on this elating journey and share with you the mesmerizing discoveries that we have experienced.

You choose the suitable rhythm

by helicopter, 4×4 vehicles, camelbacks, ATVs; and we beat it for you! Whether you feel comfortable in luxury camps on the dunes, in a refined high end nomad bivouac with an out of this world decoration, in a suite in a Relays- Chateaux boutique hotel; or in small inns at their feet… We custom design your educational exploration from short initiation getaways, to safely and caringly lead you to an immersion into the Saharan culture and way of life. For us, you are unique. We want to give you a unique desert experience!

Whatever your choices are, our desert will become yours

We design your personal itinerary based on your particular interests, preferences, tastes, requests, requisites; and needs. We see to it that you live the ultimate desert thrill. These are private expeditions designed for you only. You are going to enjoy them thoroughly with your cherished ones. We have the best tour directors who speak your language perfectly and are devoted to serving you the best and most discreet way. We also have a professional logistics team who will be happy to cater for the smallest detail and give you more than you expect. They will set your camp in spectacular exclusive locations, our chefs will treat you to fine gourmets’ menus and refined wine lists.

We want it to be your lifetime experience

There is always one of us ready to go beyond the call of duty and run the extra mile for your pleasure. All is left for you is to let go discover unknown feelings that you will experience while enjoying the magic of sunsets and sunrises. If you are a star gazer, we turn off all artificial lights to enhance your astral journey experience. How many humans can be comfortably and safely sipping the best chilled Champagne –or any drink you desire- in such an environment? The discovery of the grand Moroccan South is one of the flagships of Sahara Luxury Tours. We want it to be your lifetime experience.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a vacation they'll never forget
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