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Planning a wedding usually amounts to sorting countless details, running around chasing service providers, undergoing stressful situations; and counting sleepless nights.

We invite you to honor us and trust our organizational and planning experience and expertise

The good news, however, is that we are here to turn this heavy pressure situation into a pleasurable process for you. We invite you to honor us and trust our organizational and planning experience and expertise. It will give us a great pleasure to cater for and follow up with every detail from beginning to end.

We are dedicated and committed to see to it that the most challenging and demanding of your requests become easy and enjoyable matters. All you need to do is decide that you want to treat yourselves -and your guests- to a unique event in unique places. For the rest, leave it to us to prepare your wedding not as an event, but as piece of jewelry that we will passionately and lovingly take care of fashioning. For us designing and planning a wedding is a work of precision and minute details. This is definitely the personal event. Therefore, we will custom make it and tailor it to suit your wishes and requests. With your permission we want to push further and add your dreams to it.

Enjoy the greatness of the moment

We are convinced that it is all about you. Our mission starts from suggesting one out of our list of magic venues, on to selecting the most refined menus and choice wines, finding your favorite lipstick brand and color. It ends beyond your expectations ! That is why during our initial appointment we want not only to discuss the main guidelines with you. As a matter of fact we will endeavor to get to know you, and enable ourselves to be as close as possible to thinking as if we were you. Based on that, we will first make a list of suggested cities, locations, and themes. Then, together with you and at your own convenience, we will validate each step of the event and each service during other meetings that can be held here in Morocco, or wherever it is convenient for you to meet us.

In any case we do guarantee you

An exceptional site !
In an authentic palace in one of the Imperial cities, on an exclusive fine gold sand beach, in a medieval Kasbah or a native Berber village in the Atlas Mountains, in a 1001 night setting in the Sahara desert, on the set of one of the famous movies that were shot in Morocco. If you’d rather have an intimate party only for yourselves and those who are very close to you, we will take you to Desert d’Agafay in a guest house where simplicity means refinement. Now if you want to impress and stun everyone, we will turn the legendary La Mamounia hotel into your exclusive private love haven. Just make a wish, or dream of it. Leave it to us to turn it into reality for you.

An exceptional staging !
At sahara luxury tours you will find it hard to choose how you want to arrive at or leave the wedding ceremony: in a horse carriage, riding an Arabian horse, a camel, sitting in hand-held sedans, in a stretch limousine, a helicopter… Just name it and we’ll make it available.

Exceptional Choice Food !
We offer you not mere tasting but a journey for your taste buds, a feast for the senses. Moroccan cuisine is a world on its own, but do not hesitate to request genuine French, or Italian, etc… We have the best chefs. We select decoration and entertainment according to the theme you will have selected.

Exceptional Dresses and Outfits !
Western or Oriental style? An Haute-couture bridal dress and dinner jacket? A fancy Caftan and Jellaba designed by the best Moroccan talents? The choice is yours! We will submit to your taste the counsel of our Fashion designers and a wide choice of ensembles to choose from. There is no pressure: we can have probable choices ready for you to select from at your convenience.

Exceptional Stationary !
Save the date, Invitation cards, Menus, Thanks notes: We offer you unique original that match and underline your personalities.

Exceptional Decor !
To satisfy your wishes and desires and, in harmony with the general theme, we will set up a whole staging to delight you: personalized floral bouquets rose petal carpets and showers, fireworks…

Exceptional Entertainment !
We select the best artists and show producers for musical and visual entertainment. At your convenience, we will get you a full philharmonic orchestra, a modern music group, Moroccan folk music bands, ballet and belly dancers, acrobats, fire eaters. Our only limit is your satisfaction.

Exceptional Photography & Photography !
To save all these precious and wonderful moments of love and joy our professional photographers and videographers can be with you during the different stages of the making of your wonderful lifetime event. The editing will match your wishes and choices. This is to be a recording of your wedding as you have dreamt of it.

Exceptional Beauty & Make up Treatment !
Awaiting you are fairy moments of Hammam baths, natural oils massages; and princes and princesses pampering of all kinds… An entire team of spa specialists and wellbeing, hairdressers, make-up artists will be dedicated to making you feel and look wonderfully glamorous.

Exceptional Mixed Stag Party !
A whole standalone organization will make a merry unforgettable event of how you choose to part with the preceding stage of your life.

An Exceptional Wedding Ceremony and Party !
All of us at Sahara luxury tours will be there to see to it that every single detail is perfectly mastered to fit in a smoothly and discreetly directed dream celebration. The only part left o you will be your enjoying the greatness of the moment.

Request more information today!
Feel free to contact us for more information, for reservation or for advice about Morocco travel. We will be happy to help you to have perfect holiday.

Frequently asked questions about Morocco tours

What can I expect while touring Morocco?

Travelling in a foreign culture and developing country such as Morocco can be a delightfully rewarding and challenging experience.

Is it easy to get around without a guide?

We recommend hiring a human guide for a few hours to allow yourself to become comfortable with the culture.

Do your guides and drivers speak English, French or Spanish?

Guides know many languages as well as Berber and Arabic, including French, Spanish, and English and often some German, Japanese, Italian and Dutch as well. Our drivers know English, Spanish and French.

What kind of vehicles do you use?

We use 4×4 vehicles, Toyota Land Cruisers or similar for our private tours. SUV 4×4’s have lots of room and they seat 4 and 5 average sized people quite comfortably.

What clothing is appropriate in Morocco?

You can relax and wear whatever is familiar and comfortable on the street at home. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, you’re not expected to act or look like a Moroccan.